About Guru Tours

We are a family business company. Most of our customers became friends. We operate Dive, Tours, Retreat Center and Real Estate here in Mexico. Riviera Maya.

Adventure tours in Mexico on the surface.

At Guru Tours, it's our dedication to the quality of experience for every single one of our tours and every person that has the opportunity to share with us in the joys that the amazing Mexican world has to offer that truly sets us apart. Our years and years of experience and successful travel around the world creates a beautiful blend of professionalism and fun that we impart to all of our new and experienced travelers that come to the Mayan Riviera for an adventure experience that they will remember for a lifetime!

Explore The World Below The Surface

Our dive center in Mexico teaches diving to clients from every part of the world and our experienced and professional instructors teach PADI and TDI courses in many languages such as Spanish, English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Latvian. Our beautiful planet is covered with water approximately 75%, of the surface and the bottom of the Worlds Oceans are less studied than the surface of the Moon! Every year scientists discover new, previously unknown species of marine organisms and fish which means diving is a uniquely explorative, beautiful, interesting, fun and informative adventure! We believe that people who go diving frequently get to experience more of this beautiful world, they travel more, get to experience many different cultures from around the world and have so much fun and adventures. Let's became the diver with Dive Guru Tours.

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